Creating a clutter-free and harmonious space with a solution that is tailored for your lifestyle so you can regain control of your life, relax, and enjoy time spent with yourself and your loved ones.

Contact me if...

  • You feel overwhelmed.

  • You don’t feel that you have control over your life.

  • Your household chaos is driving you crazy.

  • You spend too much time finding something.

  • You are embarrassed to invite people to your home.

  • Your space is full of clutter.

  • You do not know where to start to pack or get organized.

  • You are ready to get more organized.

  • You want to spend less time cleaning up and locating something.

  • You want to get clarity of what you have in your place.

  • You want to get back the remote control of your life.

  • You are planning to relocate.

  • You are planning a trip and you need help preparing.

  • You are going through a life transition (arrival of a baby; losing somebody; getting through a divorce; downsizing).

Hello, I am Blanka,

a professional organizer, coach, and the founder of Your Sorted Space supporting clients like you to sort their space more effectively than they would do it by themselves.
My calling is to guide you through this exciting journey from chaos and feeling overwhelmed to peace of mind.

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