Are you ready to sort your space and get your peace of mind back?

Your Home

is your comfort zone where you can kick off your shoes and be who you truly are.

is your sacred space where you can recharge your batteries, relax, create and enjoy time with yourself and your loved ones.

is the place where you can build new memories.

Do not let accumulated clutter, ineffective processes and messy, unorganised space cause you headache and stress, and ruin those precious moments of relaxation, fun and memories.

My Story

I have learnt my lessons living a busy and hectic five years in London (United Kingdom). When I moved to London with one piece of luggage after living in California for two years, I did not know much about the city. Regent’s Park, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and of course Big Ben. But that lively city showed me way more than just its sights, secret places, and sparkles. That city taught me how important it is not just to choose carefully my own sacred space but to surround myself with things that I enjoy, serve me well, and bring me joy.

In London:

  • I learnt how to live a more clutter-free life.
    I learnt how to move and pack effectively.
    I learnt to enjoy what I had and to be grateful every day for everything around me.

I learnt all these things by myself as my family and most of my friends live in Budapest, Hungary where I am originally from. So many times I felt lonely and I would appreciate some help when I was arranging my room, packing for my travels, or moving from one place to another.

You do not have to do the packing, organizing, decluttering alone.


We create a tailored solution for you, based on your space, lifestyle and budget.

We set up systems, plans, and goals that work for you and for the people living in your household.

And we do this in a non-judgmental, confidential, and honest way.

3 + 1 fun facts about me

  • I met Robin Williams when I was living in California.
  • I moved to London with one piece of luggage and no job lined up, and persevered to find my way in a new city.
  • I was long distance dating with my husband for 2 years and we were “commuting” between Houston, TX and London, UK.
  • Clutter and chaos excite me! ;)